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6 Simple Room Makeovers you can Accomplish in a Weekend

Labor day is approaching which means a long weekend for most. Whether you have plans or not, here are 6 simple makeovers you can do to almost any room space in a weekend’s time or less.

1. Hardware

Installing new hardware on your cabinets is so simple and easy to do, yet it can completely change the look of the room with such a subtle statement. If you have white cabinetry, opt for a dark color hardware to give your room a clean contrasted look, and vice versa with dark cabinetry add light/gold hardware. A brushed nickel hardware can shave decades off outdated oak cabinetry.

2. Fireplace

There are a few new looks you can give your fireplace that you can get done in a weekend’s time. Adding new art work to the mantel is super quick and easy and you can accommodate any personal style with this simple makeover. One of my favorite makeovers to do to a boring brick fireplace is to paint the brick. Change a traditional red brick fireplace by painting the brick a modern gray as seen in the image below.

3. Foyer

Your entry point to your house shouldn’t go unnoticed. It’s a small enough area that you can transform in less than weekend, yet the possibilities are endless on foyer design. Opt for a cute bench that you can play with the surrounding decor. Add some cute throws and pillows and you instantly have a cozy inviting space that is not only pleasing to your guest’s eye, but can double as reading nook.

4. Paint/Wallpaper

Painting is obviously an easy way to change up a room. Maybe you want to add an accent wall, or maybe you want to add wallpaper… My favorite room to add wallpaper is small area. Consider a smaller guest bathroom. Wallpapering a guest bathroom can be super chic and fun way to change up a space.

5. Ceramic Tile

Another cool way to update a bathroom is with ceramic tile. This is an easy way to seriously transform the look of the bathroom. To keep this project under a weekend, just do a backsplash of tile, behind the sink perhaps. Be sure to plan the layout accordingly. Laying the tile is much like a puzzle so if not prepared, the project could end up taking longer than a weekend.

6. Interior Doors

Remake a room by simply painting the interior of your doors or trim. “I absolutely love the glamorous shift a room can take when painting interior doors or trim,” says designer Jenna Sheingold of Jenna Sheingold Studio. “It’s such a simple way to add a beautiful pop of color to any space.” Remember, contrast is key. If you have light colored walls, try a dark colored door or at least a color that will make the room pop!

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