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Interior Design Trends to Look for in 2020


Interior design trends come and go every year. Some of them are nothing more than just a fad for that year and some of them tend to keep popping up in more ways than one. Either way, here are five hot design trends that experts say to keep on your radar. You decide if they are just a fad for 2020 or, are they designs that you want to make a semi-permanent fixture in your home?

1. Brass

Photo by Dina Holland Interiors

But, not like in the 90’s. It’s the 90’s 2.0 and that is – matte brass. Matte brass gives your decor a sleek look. The best way to incorporate brass is to mix it with other metals like silver and chrome. Your home will look like a million bucks!

2. Double Islands

Photo by Architecture Art Designs

Not only does it look cool, it’s very efficient! If you like to entertain, then two islands can be a life saver! You can have one small one and one larger one. You can even turn the second one into a wet bar making it the ultimate layout for entertainment.

3. Quartz

Photo by Graniterra

Bye, bye granite! Hello quartz. You can incorporate quartz counter tops in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and utility room for a clean, regal look. Quartz is a more economical and durable option than marble – all while keeping that high-end look you so strive for in your home.

4. Black to the Basics

Photo by Decohoms

Forget what you heard about dark colors making a space look smaller. All-white is out and accent-black is in. The key to matching black appliances or cabinets is to pair it with great hardware. The right hardware and color scheme can make your room look like it came straight out of a luxury home magazine.

5. European Style

Photo by Eurostyle

2019 was the year for farmhouse style but experts predict that Euro-style will be appearing more and more in 2020. If you’re not familiar with Euro-style, “this is a very clean, streamlined look,” says Karen Gray-Plaisted of Design Solutions KGP. It incorporates open shelving for a more versatile use of space. If you prefer a minimalist look but not too sterile looking either, then a Euro-style type decor is the perfect happy medium to your style.

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