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What You Need to Know Before Investing in Multiple Real Estate Properties

Investing in Real Estate can appear to be a lucrative way to earn income. But it’s not always easy. Whether you’re thinking about entering the investment world or have been an investor for some time, here are some tips and tricks from the professionals that can lead you on the right path to successful property investments.

1. Know your market

Look for rental properties in emerging neighborhoods. Emerging neighborhoods offer growth potential and tax incentives; ensuring you’ll get a return on your investment. Knowing the current trends in your investment area such as: current rent, income, and the characteristics of the people in the neighborhood are crucial to your investment strategy and will help you plan accordingly in the future.

2. Network

This is especially important if you’re just starting out in the investment world. Have an experienced mentor and resources you can turn to when things don’t go smoothly. If you have been investing for a long time, I’m sure you have built yourself a strong network, but it never hurts to keep networking with other professionals just like you. The industry is always changing!

3. Plan for a rainy day

Just like many entrepreneurs, you’ll have times when you can’t stop the money from rolling in. In turn, you should prepare to have dry spells of income for an extended period of time. During your time of success, start that rainy day fund just for your investment business that way you can sit comfortably, financially, all year round.

4. Don’t over extend yourself

This may be a trap you could fall into if you are having continuous success in property investment. It may seem likely that your next business move would be to expand to other areas. If you’re succeeding, you most certainly should think about growth for your business but be careful not to be a “jack-of all-trades.” Finding your niche first will help you achieve the most long term success. Then, you can think about expanding to other areas in the industry.

5. Prepare for multiple offers

When buying an investment property, especially one that is in need of some renovations, the listing price will probably be very economical. Therefore, there will probably be multiple offers on the table. To beat the competition without overpaying for a property, try negotiating terms that will be in favor of the seller such as: inspection period, a higher earnest deposit, limiting contingencies, etc.

The bottom line is that if you want to be a successful long term investor you must operate with knowledge, professionalism, and integrity. Becoming a property investor is not a “get rich quick” scheme. It takes expertise, skill, and planning. If you’re diligent in your investments and treat them like a real business you can most likely have a successful investment property business.

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